About us


Who We Are

Nature Foundation SA is a not-for-profit environmental organisation that works on our nature reserves and throughout South Australia to connect with and inspire others to Save, Protect, Restore and sustainably manage South Australia's natural heritage. Learn more

Our Vision

Our vision is for nature to be loved by all and thriving. Explore our vision

Our People

We are a non-political and mainly voluntary organisation governed by a council of experienced conservationists, scientists and business and professional people. Meet the team

Our Volunteers

Volunteering to help the environment is a win/win and Nature Foundation SA offers opportunities for all fitness and age levels including ‘citizen science’ opportunities to support scientists with their field research. Find out more about volunteering

Our Supporters

We greatly value our supporters who provide both in kind and cash support. We recognise individual and corporate major benefactors, major supporters and supporters in our marketing and promotional material including our website, annual report and newsletters. Learn more about our supporters