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The River Murray is under threat like never before. Drought, population growth, climate change and river regulation are directly impacting the health of the river and the habitat it provides for so many bird, animal and plant species.

The ‘Water For Nature’ Appeal has been launched by Nature Foundation SA in a concerted effort to arrest the deterioration of dozens of wetland and floodplain habitats.
Through a series of tightly-targeted community driven projects in partnership with the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder, the Water For Nature program has already made great progress in protecting and restoring 90 threatened wetland and floodplain sites. A selection of these achievements are featured in this edition of Nature Matters. And with the financial support of nature lovers, like you, much more can be achieved.
The River Murray is arguably one of South Australia’s greatest assets – a natural phenomenon of great beauty; a lifeline for the people, animals and plant species who depend on it for their existence; and an inspiration for many South Australians who understand and deeply appreciate the importance of the river.
The Water for Nature target is to raise $200,000 to support restoration and research projects in critical areas of the River Murray in South Australia. 
With your help we can do so much more to help restore the river for the benefit of nature, community wellbeing and our local economies through delivering more environmental water to more sites.
We all depend on the River Murray in some way – this appeal offers a practical approach to help save it! Let’s work together and achieve more amazing results for the nature we all love.

Please help us to help nature and donate now to our Water For Nature appeal.