At 421,900 hectares, spanning three biogeographical regions: Stony Plains, Gawler and the Flinders Lofty Block, Witchelina is a hidden gem showcasing an impressive, almost unbelievable, variety of South Australia’s magnificent biodiversity.
Since Witchelina became a Nature Foundation SA Nature Reserve, and with its ecosystem recovering from more than 100 years of intensive grazing, our Wedge-tailed eagles have flourished. We now suspect there are hundreds of eagles and other raptors on the property, but we know very little of their biology and population dynamics as it relates to landscape ecosystem restoration.
We have a unique opportunity to understand and examine the lives of our “wedgies” and other raptors as they thrive. How big are their territories? What do they eat?  What is their role as an apex predator, scavenger, their interaction with other raptors and bird species, parent and partner?
This appeal will fund the creation of a program to understand the role of Wedge-tailed eagles and other raptors in the recovering ecosystems at Witchelina. We are seeking to partner with scientists, university students, ecologists, ornithologists and citizen scientists to begin to unravel the mysteries of raptors in outback Australia. 
We are also offering six places to the highest donors to join the “The Eagle Team” – a unique opportunity to work closely with ecologists and ornithologists to track and observe eagles up close while learning about their behaviour and ecology. 
You will traverse the varied and interesting landscape of Witchelina and in doing so help to conserve these mighty birds. Read the latest media release here. 

Thank you for your ongoing support, and most welcome contributions to Nature Foundation SA. Your generosity is what both enables and inspires us to seek even more ambitious and very necessary conservation outcomes. 

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