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Kids on Country is an education program for Aboriginal young people and is centred around five-day outback ecology camps.
The program gives young people the skills to help them embrace life in the outback – including work, wellbeing, land conservation and management.

We’re short of $70,000 to run six camps for 90 young people.
Please donate to the Kids on Country 2019 appeal today.

With your special gift today, we can deliver camps that include essential activities such as plant identification, bird surveys, looking for bush tucker and cooking, vehicle maintenance and healthy country planning.

Please help us reach our goal of $70,000 with a generous gift today.

In 2020 we’re planning for 90 young people to attend six camps in remote outback South Australia at Hiltaba and Witchelina Nature Reserves to develop skills that will last them a lifetime and empower them to stay longer in further education. 

Positive social change and long-term benefits for Kids on Country participants, their communities and families are achieved through a collaborative approach with Aboriginal community leaders, secondary schools, industry partners and Nature Foundation SA staff and volunteers.

Thanks to your support today, more young people like Orlando Sore will be able to say:

“This was the best camp. We learned a lot.”

We hope you enjoy reading the latest edition of NatureMatters and thank you so much for all your support.

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