SEB Newsletters

SEB newsletters provide the latest information and updates on Nature Foundation's Significant Environment Benefit (SEB) program.

SEB newsletter #6

  • Introducing Hugo Hopton as Nature Foundation SA's new CEO
  • SEB biodiversity offsets in action: Funding research into the threatened thick-billed grasswren
  • Lachlan Wilkinson, Environmental Practitioner of the Year, donates prizemoney to NFSA
  • SEB member profile: new CEO Hugo Hopton
  • Upcoming event: Hiltaba Grand Working Bee

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SEB newsletter #5

  • Hiltaba SEB Restoration Ecology Forum, 13-15 October
  • Conservation achievements over the 2014/2015 financial year at Hiltaba & Witchelina nature reserves
  • Annual round-up of activities at Witchelina Nature Reserve
  • SEB Committee member profile: John Gavin
  • Watchalunga Mangement Plan Workshop


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SEB Newsletter #4

  • Hiltaba Nature Reserve – perfect for delivering SEB offsets
  • Good news from Hiltaba following yellow-footed rock wallaby survey
  • Witchelina Grand Working Bee
  • Trevor Whitelaw joins NFSA's SEB Committee
  • Save the Date – 2015 SEB Restoration Ecology Forum
  • NFSA working with industry and DEWNR on new NV Act regulations

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SEB Newsletter #3

  • It’s been raining up north
  • Feral cat facts
  • Restoration Ecology Forum at Hiltaba Nature Reserve
  • Introducing Chris Reed
  • Save the Date – Watchalunga Nature Reserve

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SEB Newsletter #2

  • Inaugural SEB Forum
  • SEB credits on Hiltaba
  • Introducing Alex Nankivell, NFSA Conservation Programs Manager
  • Why choose Third Party Delivery?

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SEB Newsletter #1

  • Delivering SEBs through partnerships
  • Want to know more about SEBs?
  • Restoration Ecology Forum at Witchelina Nature Reserve
  • Legislative changes
  • Introducing Caroline Nefiodovas, SEB Business Development Manager
  • Hiltaba Nature Reserve – ideal for SEB offsets

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