Applying for grants

Researcher Marina Louter with Thick-billed Grasswrens at Witchelina Nature Reserve

Grants are currently closed. Applications for our March 2020 grants round are currently being assessed. 

The Nature Foundation grants program funds research that contributes to the conservation of South Australia’s biodiversity and habitats. We prioritise research grant proposals that align with our Science Strategy and focus on our nature reserves, our conservation programs or our Water For Nature program.

Successful grant recipients are required to enter into a grant agreement which outlines requirements in relation to use of funds, reporting and acknowledgement of Nature Foundation. 

Applying for a Grant

Nature Foundation offers grants in a number of grant categories. Applications for funding will only be considered during specified grant rounds.
All research grant proposals must demonstrate capacity to deliver on at least one of the following outcomes:

  1. Support the objectives of our nature reserves or Water For Nature.
  2. Answer a question posed by Nature Foundation.
  3. Significantly advance or solve a major environmental issue in South Australia.

and if a proposal is for a multi-year grant it must also:

  1. Show how the money can successfully leverage additional funding from other organisations.

It is essential that you read the Grants Program Guidelines before applying for a grant.

It is recommended that you read the following documents, which will assist you to align your grant proposal with Nature Foundation priorities:

A Grant Application Form will be available for download when a grants round is open.

The Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists has its own defined objectives aimed at progressing nature science in Australia. Applications will be assessed on how the research objectives of the applicant align with the Award's objectives. See the Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists page for details on how to apply for this Award.

To discuss your project idea with Nature Foundation or for any other grant queries, please call 1300 366 191 or email us.

March 2020 Grants Round

The March 2020 Nature Foundation grants round is underway. Applications closed at 9am (ACST) on Monday 6 April 2020 and are currently being assessed. We expect to notify successful applicants in early June 2020.

This round offers grants in the following categories:

 Grant Category  Study Level  Grant Amount (GST exc)
 Grand Start Grants Program  PhD/Masters  Up to $3000 per annum
 Grand Start Grants Program  Honours  Up to $2000
 Nature Foundation Scientific 
 Expedition Foundation RL & GK
 Willing Grant
 Honours  Up to $2000
 Roy and Marjory Edwards
 PhD/Masters  $12,000 per annum for up to 3 years
Mike Bull Award for Early Career Nature Scientists  Late PhD or early post doctoral  Up to $3000
 Research Project Grant  -  Up to $10,000

In March 2020 the Research Project Grant category will focus on projects from our Potential Research Projects list, including South Australian based research on nationally Vulnerable Australian Sea-lions Neophoca cinerea.

See our March 2020 Grants Round Flyer.