About BushBankSA

Operating within the real estate marketplace, BushbankSA provides for the long-term protection and conservation of valuable areas of remnant native vegetation.

In 2003, the Commonwealth and State governments each made a financial contribution to establish the BushbankSA Revolving Fund. Under this program, BushbankSA purchases areas of bushland with high conservation value and applies a protective covenant (Native Vegetation Act 1991) to the property. BushbankSA then re-sells the land to new owners who have the capacity to manage and protect the valuable native vegetation. Since the program started, 12,242 ha have been protected more than 20 properties.

BushbankSA has been established as a niche within the real estate marketplace, specialising in land with high conservation value, particularly where that land supports endangered or threatened species. BushbankSA allows landowners to sell with the confidence that their bushland will be preserved ito the future.

BushbankSA has sound business relationships with the rural real estate industry and is a key player vital for making connections between sellers, buyers and the new conservation land marketplace.

BushbankSA works to:

  • Make a long-lasting contribution to the conservation of valuable native vegetation on private land
  • Provide a benefit to the community through the preservation of South Australia’s beautiful natural environment
  • Assist new owners to make an important contribution to our natural environment
  • Return all proceeds from sales to the fund to support further purchases and to protect our natural environment.

BushbankSA enables the Nature Foundation to:

  • Identify available privately owned land supporting native vegetation of biodiversity value
  • Assess the suitability of the native vegetation for a nature conservation covenant, which is a Heritage Agreement under the Native Vegetation Act
  • Prepare a management plan for the land protected under the Heritage Agreement
  • Sell the land to owners with the capacity for ongoing conservation management and assist them in this stewardship.

BushbankSA works alongside:

  • Nature Foundation as our parent body and representing the conservation community
  • Property developers, agents and local authorities
  • Sellers and buyers of suitable land
  • The community, now and in the future.

Our BushbankSA values:

  • Open communication between stakeholders
  • Our role in securing the future of vulnerable native vegetation
  • The operation of the free market underpinned by sound business principles
  • The importance of good science in guiding our choice of properties and their management
  • Volunteers that enable BushbankSA to operate with lower overheads and a high level of business ethics and credibility.